Background checks when getting a gun

background checksAs much as there are those who focus on what we call the right to bear arms and the importance of having there favorite m16 or glock 19 loaded with ammo it is important to remember that unfortunately throughout, the most recent decades in American history, there have been those who should not have gotten guns that have found some way to get a hold of a gun and they ended up causing mass destruction using such a weapon.

We all remember the shooting at a high school back in the late 1990s or at Virginia Tech in 2007. The question we need to ask ourselves is that no civilians should be getting guns but how do we what we call regulate who amongst the civilians that are able to get a gun, go about getting a gun. It is important that there should be thorough background checks for anyone getting a gun. If I were in charge of doing this here is how I would go about it. I would make sure the background check would include getting a reference that this person knows how to use a gun. I would want them also to keep the gun in a safe place when they are not using there glock 19 or other weapon to put in a safe place were no kids or anyone like that at all can go about and getting it.

gun control lawsAdditionally I would want some certification and should have more specific training for what we call regulating how people get a hold of their gun. I would also make sure to check that this person does not currently use drugs, drink or involved in any other destructive behaviors in order to avoid them from what we call causing more destruction. Additionally we probably wouldn’t be able to trust them with maintaining that type of responsibility which we need to make sure that they are able to use these guns safely and in the best way possible. After this we can get people the guns they need this would not destroy their right to bear arms, no, far from it. They can still use guns just we would to be more careful with how people use their guns which is not so crazy right? Let’s say you want to drive your car do we give them a pretty moderated test or do we just go about giving them their license right away with basically no test?

Hmmm before you answer this question think about for a minute the answer is obviously you give them a serious enough test to make sure that they know what they are doing before they can be on the road with other drivers so they do not cause accidents. So too, we need to think of guns the same way reasonable driving instructions doesn’t mean we stop driving. Therefore so too with guns a little more serious background check before we just give any “joe shmo” a gun will ultimately help us in the long run.

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