Tea Tree for Dandruff

tea tree oil 1I’ve been a fan of tea tree oil shampoo for a long time and have been using it for most of my life. For a long time, I was stuck on regular shampoos and hair care products and always found myself buying an extra one to help take care of the problems that were caused by using them in the first place.

However, until you know that your hair products are the original source of the problem to begin with, you can’t really try to isolate the issue or tackle the problem. After a while of using regular shampoos and conditioners on a daily or even weekly basis, my hair started to feel dry and irritable. I was using an anti-dandruff shampoo in order to help get rid of my dandruff – but this was only making the issue worse. After talking to my hairstylist I felt even more confused as they were recommending a series of costly products that they promised would help restore my hair to its natural, clean and dandruff free form.


However, after sticking to their program for a few months, I found that my hair had returned to being dry and brittle – and the dandruff was still a problem. So, in desperation for a healthier solution, I turned to a local homeopath for answers or solutions. She recommended that I use tea tree oil as part of my hair care treatment and since doing so my hair has really changed for the better. The tea tree oil is both light and absorbs quickly easily. The rich antioxidant properties of the oil help to prevent the onset of free radical damage and keep my hair germ and bacteria free – which ultimately allowed me to treat my dandruff (what I now realize was actually a mild scalp infection of sorts) fully, safely and effectively.tea tree oil 2

However, my use of tea tree oil didn’t stop there. I managed to find a recipe for making tea tree oil in the comfort of your own home. Since then, I’ve never bought a traditional shampoo or conditioner again and my hair, skin and general health has never been better. Tea tree oil shampoo not only works well, but helps to give your hair a really delightful scent and keeps your hair protected against the elements for longer. It doubles up as both a shampoo and a conditioner which can be left in over the course of the day (in small amounts of course) to give your hair a smoother sheen, more moisture and added protection against the elements.

I love that tea tree shampoo by Maple Holistics gives me more control over my hair and more freedom to wear it how I want to without having to spend a small fortune on costly hair products – plus it’s all natural, which means your general health will benefit from this as well. We tend to forget that our skin is porous, and that chemicals can seep through it over time. If you wouldn’t ingest a harmful chemical orally, why would you want it on your skin? The effect is much the same. So, switch to natural products and you’ll have the benefits of both worlds.

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