Trois Mec French Restaurant in LA

As reviewed by FoodzHub, getting tickets to Trois Mec can be a pain in the ass. You have to order two weeks in advance, and they only go on sale at alternating Friday mornings. Whatever the reason is, it is worth it.  Trois Mec is one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles, and it isn’t just because of the food, or because some magazine or blogger said so. It is one of the best because it is so unpretentious. So, yes, the tickets thing is a bit pretentious, but it is only that way because Trois Mec is really small – it only sits 24 people! – and the chefs want to give each patron their attention.


The chefs in charge of Trois Mec (Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook, and Vinny Dotolo) opened up the place where an old pizza shop once was. The sign outside of the restaurant still says Raffallo’s P_ZZA, but the inside is all Mec. That is what is so great about this place. The food is so good, that the chefs in charge don’t feel the need to take themselves too seriously, or act all snobby. This is evident from the size of the place, the background music, and the chefs’ interactions with the diners themselves. It is the kind of place where you will be greeted with a loud bonsoir when you enter.

The menu is always changing, and until you sit down at your table (or at the counter, if you are two or less) you will not know what it is that you are about to eat. The counter, incidentally, faces an open kitchen, where the chefs and cooks can be seen working their magic.


The atmosphere is so cool in that tiny little room, the décor is modern but not overbearing in any way. It is a great place to eat if you can get the tickets on time.